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What is Hot Pepper Yoga?


Hot Pepper Yoga (HPY) is a hot yoga practice consisting of set yoga poses in a heated and humidified environment. It is based on the principles of mind, body, and spirit, having its roots in osteopathic medicine, sports, and family medicine. HPY also incorporates psychiatric principles of the biopsychosocial model with specific focuses on validation and emotional health. 


HPY was created by 3 physicians and a fluid committee of certified yoga instructors with over 15 years of experience in hot yoga. With our base knowledge of osteopathic medical principles, we have designed a set of yoga poses that stresses structure and function to optimize spinal health. We have a unique set of indirect breathing and pump techniques intertwined in the age-old poses that originated in India and have been practiced for centuries with a view to attain a state of permanent peace.


Our certified yoga instructors review all techniques and poses in a monthly committee meeting that allows input from staff and keeps up with new yoga practices and evidence based medicine.  This paradigm allows HPY’s specific brand of yoga to move and be fluid with input from everybody, in keeping with our dedication to mindfulness. In this mindset, we are always improving our form of yoga.


With board certified physicians and psychiatrists, we have been able to create a yoga format that incorporates healthy principles of sports medicine for stretch and strain that is unlike any other.  We are always working to achieve the best emotional health possible.  We focus on the physiological basis of prevention of disease with healthy cardio friendly yoga flows, combined with specific focus on anatomy.  Each pose has a validating statement for positive emotional health from our instructors.


HPY truly is the perfect blend of eastern and western preventative physical and emotional health.  One of top goals is to make clients happy and our name is even rooted in the word HaPpY, which you may see in the trainers’ notes, HaPpY green drinks and internet media.

Are You a Fighter?

HPY Wants to Thankyou for your Service

**First Friday of every month is Free for Firefighters/Police & Military**